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Marketing & Distribution

Unichem Ghana Group is proud to have been nominated and awarded titles such as #1 Pharma OTC Distributor of the Year in 2019 & 2020. Our award-winning service is what reflects in our expert marketing , sales and distribution setup. We have over 400+ Products, with a presence in all major therapeutic areas.

Our approach in the delivery of Healthcare is to put our clients first and offer the best quality within the best time frame reaching out to Wholesalers, Hospitals, Medical Facilities ,Pharmacies, Chemical Shops & Supermarkets.

We also provide bespoke marketing and distribution solutions to the whole pharmaceutical and healthcare industry. Click the Supplier tab at the top of our website to be part of the Unichem Ghana success story.

Unichem Managed Scientific & Marketing Office, Ethically Promoting & Driving the Pharmaceutical Business For Companies including Family Companies & MNC’s

Our Distribution Network

Accra HQ

Consignment is shipped/transported from Unichem H.Q in Accra


Kumasi Branch

Consignment is recieved from HQ in Accra or Takoradi

Takoradi Branch

Consignment is received from HQ in Accra or Kumasi